20 Most Promising Ag-Tech Startups - 2019

20 Most Promising Ag-Tech Startups - 2019

The agricultural landscape is reshaping itself as customers increasingly resort to sustainably produced goods. By 2050, the global predicted population will be close to 10 billion thus demanding an increase of 70 percent global food production. To keep pace with these demands, the agricultural sector with its conventional ways must pave the way for trending technologies that will make farms even more efficient and seamlessly automate production. Customers can harness the power of various disruptive technologies such as data science, vertical farming and farm drones to achieve its set goals. Additionally, farmers can manage and oversee the farm in real-time and make better informed and quicker decisions. However, Ag-Tech is a fairly new concept not many are familiar with in India. Such innovation-led agricultural practices should ensure every stakeholder in the agricultural chain contributes to and significantly benefits from it. This indicates the need for a strong alliance to be forged with promising Ag-Tech startups in certain focus areas, depending on the customer requirements, supply chain, finance and related solutions, infrastructure development, information platforms and farm data analytics. Ag-Tech startups need to address serious issues such as less landholding size, lower ROI, longer gestation periods, skill and knowledge gaps present while simultaneously developing its business models.

CIOReviewIndia has come up with a list of “20 Most Promising Ag-Tech Startups - 2019”. This list features promising agri startups that offer innovative solutions in the form of services, products or applications that will bring a paradigm shift across the entire agricultural value chain. The list has been formulated by a renowned panel consisting of CEOs, CIOs, agriculture industry analysts and CIOReviewIndia editorial team.

We present to you CIOTechOutlook 20 Most Promising Ag-Tech Startups - 2019.

Top AgTech Startups

Cover Story
Company Name Company Description
Marketyard Agrisolutions Provides a mobile-based platform for selling, buying and renting of agricultural produce, manure and agri-related equipment.
Company Name Company Description
AgriBazaar Offers integrated online agri-trading platform for e-procurement, auction and trade of agricultural commodities.
AGRIBUDDY Offers agricultural support application and renders services such as addressing the lack of working capital for farmers by supplying agricultural inputs on credit, recommending crop changes,...
Agricafé Business An online-platform for buying and selling of agricultural products and tools.
Blooom Provider of a fully integrated, soil to shelf tech platform for sustainable food supply chains.
BOHECO Offers services ranging from research, cultivation, harvesting, processing, manufacturing, trading, wholesaling, retailing to the agriculture industry.
Earth Analytics India Provides Crop Monitoring Systems to monitor the status of crop growth in selected geographies.
Farmlink Acts as one-stop back-end partner for industrial off takers of fruits and vegetables in India and focused on modernizing and transforming the supply chain across the country.
Freshokartz Online fruits and vegetables delivery company catering to Hotels, Restaurants, Cafe, Retailers and other commercial kitchens.
I Support Farming Provides technology solutions and financial assistance to farmers by acting as a bridge between urban investors and farmers.
Kisansaathi Provider of a platform that acts as one stop solution to farmers, agri commodity buyers and other participants across value chain for various agriculture related needs such as farm inputs, farm...
Krishi Trade Provides a wide range of services such as e-procurement of agri-products and equipment, warehousing and shipping etc.
OakInnovatica Solutions Offers an integrated hardware and software system for real-time monitoring and controlling of various parameters for indoor and outdoor farms.
Plantix Offers mobile application for farmers, agricultural workers and plant lovers to help them increase their farming productivity.
Proximal SoilSenS Provides technology solutions for controlled irrigation and precision farming.
SatSure Provides an agriculture analytics suite for farmers, government, and financial institutions
Sourcetrace Provides farm management app, real-time monitoring and evaluation solutions using dynamic survey tool, supply chain management solution and renders Farmer advisory services.
Ugaoo Offers garden tools and accessories, gardening seeds, gardening design ideas and a community for garden experts to share their knowledge and experiences.
Waycool Foods & Products A social enterprise that helps in transforming the agri-products supply chain and solves the food security problem in India.
WeMakeIoT Provides IoT-based Sensors, Remote Monitoring Systems and Wireless Farming solutions to the agriculture industry.