Senseacre Labs: Fuelling the Agriculture Technology Domain

CIO Vendor The impacts of air, water, soil and food pollutions on human life are adverse and these need to be addressed immediately. Pests and pesticides are resulting in significant input costs to farmers and also contaminating the soil, water and environment. Improving shelf lives of crops, vegetables and fruits need to be augmented to help farmers earn more revenue. With the aim to address such issues and needs, Senseacre is a visual intelligence company that offers 360-degree crop health monitoring services using drones and sensors. It integrates multispectral (low and high resolution) cameras to detect pests and weeds across crop sown areas. ‘We can assure farmers of quick turnaround time in understanding threats to crops with our fly-capture - process-detect-annotate and publish methodology resulting in saving the crop, reducing agro chemical inputs, and getting better yield’, says Vinod Kumar S, Founder & CEO, Senseacre.

“With more than onelakh acres of crop health monitoring expertise on multiple crops, we have done enough applied research to give solutions at speed, scale and accuracy. Our frameworks integrating hardware, software and mission planning have assured us 100% success in all our missions. Our team’s dedication and onsite agility with perfection has given us exceptional results. We have great alliances with ICRISAT, PJTSAU, Agrowing, University of Stirling, IITs, Crystal Ball, ICAR institutions to bring in the best domain expertise as necessary”, says Vinod Kumar S, Founder & CEO, Senseacre.

Leveraging the power of AI
Senseacre has collaborated with Agrowing Ltd, Israel to provide AI-enabled multispectral disruptive technologies and award winning products, which revolutionize the aerial remote sensing and the precision agriculture market. Agrowing’s technologies offers sensors powered by AI that help in precise and early detection of pests, diseases, and vegetation irregularities. It enables growers
and service providers to have in-the-field trustworthy actionable data that prevent damages of crops and significantly minimizes the growers’ expenses due to indiscriminative pesticide spraying.

Senseacre team has a cumulative global expertise of 100 man years and works with a common value system that conveys ‘country first and solutions for our nation.’ The team aims to create impactful solutions to bring good to the ecology and improve wellbeing of humans through good nutritional food.

Looking at the Future
Senseacre is endeavoring to establish the world’s first multispectral bank of pests, diseases and vegetation irregularities. Using high end world’s best multispectral sensors, the company is working towards establishing the leaf-level multispectral foundation for AI-classification of any vegetation survey or research.

Reducing Food Contamination and Wastage
Wastage of food is not only indicative of hunger, climate change or pollution, but also of many other economic pitfalls in the economy. It is the responsibility of each and every person to understand the importance of food and to try and reduce food wastage as much as possible.

Hygiene from farm to food transportation has never been our priority. Many Hands, Many touches, Many Carriers, Many temperatures, Many Virus, Many Fungus, Many Bacteria, Many pathogens.

Senseacre is also working with agriculture universities on cleaning vegetables and fruits with electro chemically activated water to reduce pesticide residues and improve their shelf life.Green Leafy Vegetables and Vegetables will be cleaned with HOCL ECA to reduce infection from bacteria, fungus and virus.

Senseacreworks with communities to help them reap the benefits of reducing waste, developing sustainable products and using resources in an efficient way.

“We plan to create an ecosystem to collect - clean - separate and provide to community kitchens to serve a daily meal to the needy. This is best thing we could do as a service to nation”, said Vinod Kumar S.